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Email #26: Highwaymen Traveling Their Own Road (6/3/16)

“And when I reach the other side I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can Perhaps I may become a highwayman again” I am a major rock and roll guy, which I’ve told you before. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other music. Over the weekend I saw the remarkable PBS American…


Email #24: On the Inefficiency of the TSA (5/20/16)

Last weekend O’Hare International Airport in Chicago sent out a notice to anyone on an outgoing flight. The notice was direct: because of long security lines, get to the airport three hours before your flight. Three. Hours. Here is the lede from an ABC report out of Chicago: “Security lines at airports in Chicago and across the…


Email #23: A VFW Hall Closes. A Door Opens. (5/13/16)

The story of Tommy Smythe is the story of many men from “The Greatest Generation”. After returning home from World War II, Tommy went to work in a factory until joining the New York City Fire Department in Woodside, Queens. Every day after work, for nearly 30 years, he spent an hour or two at…


Email #22: The Trouble Facing Coral Reefs (5/6/16)

It’s impossible to spend time in a place as naturally beautiful as New Zealand and not find yourself obsessed with nature. So this week’s email is staying on that theme and sadly, it’s not optimistic. Folks, I recommend you take up scuba diving. Fast. Because soon there won’t be much to see beneath the surface…


Email #21: Howie, the Kiwi Bird (4/29/16)

Howie is amongst the last 100,000 of his breed, the New Zealand kiwi bird. If you think 100,000 of a species is a lot, let me enlighten you. It isn’t. At their peak there were 12 million kiwi birds but over a century of ” progress” – including the introduction of feral dogs, feral cats, rats etc. to…


Email #19: The Art of Adele (4/15/16)

“There’s a fire starting in my heart. Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the dark.” The opening lyric of Rolling in the Deep – one of the great songs, off one of the great albums of the past decade, Adele 21. How could a then 21 year-old girl from London find the musical connection for everyone…


Email #18: Frank Sinatra & Living Your Way (4/8/16)

I missed how great Frank Sinatra was. Growing up in the Bronx, in the 60s, I was a rock n’ roller. The Beatles. Stones. Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. I didn’t know about In the Wee Small Hours or I’ll Be Around or Lady is a Tramp. Where were the guitars? Where was the sound? Recently, after seeing Alex Gibney’s remarkable HBO doc…


Email #17: Infrastructural Insanity, Volume II (4/1/16)

A few months ago I wrote about “Infrastructural Insanity”. That piece focused on our roads, airports and energy systems, all of which are in various states of disrepair. (Evidenced by this week’s piece in The Wall Street Journal.) This week, Volume II, looks at our nation’s crumbling bridges. On March 21st, The Today Show reported that almost 60,000 bridges in this country (54,985 to…


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