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Email #43: Solutions For an Idle Workforce (10/28/16)

“There are no problems, only solutions.” -John Lennon I was recently struck by a September article in The Wall Street Journal entitled The Idle Army: America’s Unworking Men. Here is a passage from the piece by Nicholas Eberstadt: “Until roughly the outbreak of World War II, working-age American men fell into basically two categories: either holding a…


Email #42: The Tech Party & Why We Need Them (10/21/16)

I have never been particularly interested in politics and never write about it. Until this election. It seems unbelievable that at this enormously challenging time in the world’s history, we are faced with the prospect of voting for two people with the worst approval ratings…ever. There’s no way our founding fathers thought this was the…


Email #41: Construction/Destruction (10/14/16)

“Well, you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don’t you know that you can count me out” -The Beatles Construction is hard. Creating something of lasting value is never easy and the journey of that creation is usually traveled over a long and often winding road. Great…


Email #39: Enough With the Receipts (9/23/16)

Ecology, the environment and cash register receipts – a strange but important trio, demonstrating yet again how insane things are. I get a scone. I wanted blueberry but settled for cranberry. (Is that important? No. But I wanted to set the scene.) It cost $3.03 with tax. First of all, why are we still using pennies?…


Emails #38: A Blog About Oysters (9/16/16)

We’re staying positive! Here is something very cool. Very forward thinking! The Environmental Protection Agency – which hasn’t always been one of the American government’s most productive wings in recent years – is adding 50,000 oysters to Jamaica Bay in an attempt to revive a species that once blanketed New York. They are hoping to…


Email #37: Why the Future Will Be Just Fine (9/9/16)

You know that I feel things are insane and going in the wrong direction. We have a ridiculous political situation, unbalanced economy, decaying environment, too much hunger, too much poverty…etc. These beliefs are what led to my creation of Areena. I’ve always felt, though, that things will improve dramatically and quickly because the younger generation will…


Email #35: A Man Walks Into a Bar (8/19/16)

The restaurant is called Libertador. I had just finished a great dinner with a friend and saw him to a cab. My options were simple: (1) venture down the street to one of the many faux-Irish pubs that litter New York’s Upper East Side or (2) return to the restaurant’s bar, order a few bottles…


Email #34: Saluting a Company That Gets It (8/12/16)

During a week where Delta Airlines has provided no logical explanation as to why their airline completely shut down for more than a full day and canceled thousands of flights, I thought this the right time to salute a company that gets it. That company is Pret A Manger. Their slogan? Made today. Gone today. They…


Email #33: We Have to Care About Each Other (7/29/16)

“Come on people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another Right now.” -The Youngbloods I was getting off the New York City subway a few days ago, which is a real joy to experience during a heat wave. As I reached the staircase leading to the street I hit…



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