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The Last Straw?

Straws kill.You probably read that sentence and thought, “How hard would you have to stab someone with a straw to kill them?” Well, the answer is pretty hard. But that’s not what I’m talking about.No, the problem is we’re using over 500 million plastic straws a day in America! Five. Hundred. Million. And our waste management…


Email #22: The Trouble Facing Coral Reefs (5/6/16)

It’s impossible to spend time in a place as naturally beautiful as New Zealand and not find yourself obsessed with nature. So this week’s email is staying on that theme and sadly, it’s not optimistic. Folks, I recommend you take up scuba diving. Fast. Because soon there won’t be much to see beneath the surface…


Email #4: What Happened to Language? (12/11/15)

Whatever happened to language? Apparently proper use has been abandoned! Many of you have reached out to us saying how much you enjoy these emails. We’ve ALSO been asked, “What’s with the Stupid Quotes section?” They are fun. We believe it’s important to include in this weekly email something that makes everybody laugh a bit. We hope you’ll look…



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