The world is falling apart.
Nothing works.

Everybody’s complaining, but no one is doing anything about it.Something has to be done.
We’re doing it.

What is Areena?
People across the world taking matters into their own hands.

They join Areena.
It’s free.We ask them to tell us what interests them.

What excites them.

What skills they have.

We take that information and pair them with projects that specifically fit who they are.

If a guy is a master carpenter we’ll point him to a senior center roof that needs fixing. And it’s probably two blocks from his home but he didn’t know.

If a woman loves dogs we’ll find 50 projects in her community where dogs (shelters, rescue facilities…etc.) need help.

If a college senior tells us he or she is interested in hunger issues we’ll direct them to a food pantry desperate for someone to help them unload trucks every weekend.

What’s the end game?
10,000 roofs fixed.

100,000 dogs saved.

1,000,000 people fed.

The world working the way it should because we were called to action AND WE ANSWERED.
We did something.

That’s why Areena exists.

Because we have to.

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