Everybody Eats


                                           -New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky

The world is falling apart.

Here’s an example.

The American defense budget is $700 billion a year.

That’s $2 billion a day.

$80 million AN HOUR.

Yet millions of Americans go without food every day.

This is nuts.

Is there not enough money in this country to keep our pantries stocked?

Areena’s EVERYBODY EATS is a campaign to alleviate hunger. It launched by serving meals to thousands of New Yorkers – in each of the five boroughs – on Wednesday July 29th and will be followed by events in cities across the country.

-Media Coverage-

From an NY1 Feature by Tara Lynn Wagner

Love is the key ingredient in the 3,500 free meals served during the first Everybody Eats.”

To see the NY1 video feature, CLICK HERE.

NY1 Also Profiled the Partnership of Areena & Michael Scott Events

“In this country about 75 percent of the volunteers are women. So that means we have this huge untapped demographic of men who I think want to get out and do things but don’t necessarily know how to do it. So I created the Areena and people tell us by entering, joining our organization about their skills, their interests, what they really like to do and we have literally hundreds of projects in our database and we match them,” said Areena founder Art Gurwitz.”

To see this NY1 story, CLICK HERE.

The Riverdale Press Profiled Areena’s Work in the Bronx

Those free meals weren’t just for the kids. They came from Everybody Eats, an event organized by Areena. Art Gurwitz, who founded the group to connect men with volunteer opportunities, said the reason for Everybody Eats was simple.

“Well, unfortunately, everybody doesn’t eat,” he explained.”

To read the full piece, CLICK HERE.



From a March 16th 2014 piece by Barry Paddock & Ginger Adams Otis in the NY Daily News about New York City:

    In a city of wealth, 1.4 million people rely on a network of 1,000 food pantries and soup kitchens to eat…The city’s     programs are struggling to keep up with that need. 

    “I got fish today. They gave me salmon,” said Alejandro Medina, 54, a maintenance man at a homeless shelter who     earns about $24,000 a year. His wife works part-time and brings in $8,000. With four kids at home — two of their     own and two nephews they care for — they also get $189 a month in food stamps. But after spending $1,200 a     month in rent for their two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx, and paying their other bills, there’s never enough left     for food, he said.

How did this happen? How did we become a culture obsessed with taking pictures of our food while the family down the street has nothing to eat?

Why is it every time a cool new tech item is released millions fly off the shelves but the shelves of our food pantries remain empty?

What could make more sense for Areena? Men have been putting food on the table since the beginning of time. It started with guys going into the forest to hunt for their tribe and continues to this day. Our members are perfect for the front lines of this battle.

We know calling this campaign EVERYBODY EATS is bold. But isn’t now the time to be bold? Haven’t we all had enough of our leaders refusing to lead on ANY issue of significance?

Areena may not feed everybody. But through the efforts of our members, many will never know the feeling of hunger again.

Areena’s Everybody Eats campaign returns in January 2017 to New York City and will subsequently take place in cities across the country.

Areena Mentoring

Areenatoring pairs our members with young men who seek a positive male influence in their lives. Partnering with both organizations in the NYC foster care community (SCO, Sheltering Arms, Brooklyn Community Services) and CUNY’s Fatherhood Academy, Areena seeks to build the next generation of men into productive members of society.

Men at Work

Men at Work enables our members to help physically rebuild communities that have fallen into disrepair.

Areena & Man’s Best Friend

Areena & Man’s Best Friend is our animal rights campaign and will launch in 2017.

The Areena Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program engages people around the country to participate in community projects, spread word across the landscape of social members and recruit new members to Areena.



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