Dogs Deserve Better. (4/13/16)

By now, you’ve heard the story.

A flight attendant for United Airlines insisted on putting a 10-month old bulldog in the overhead bin on a flight from Houston to Laguardia. The dog tragically passed away. The family of the puppy mourned. The airline…apologized.

I was incensed and still am. How can a human being act so callously? How can an act of animal cruelty so heinous even be possible? What is going on in the world?

Normally, I try to be a bit more eloquent than this but I’ll just say it: dogs are awesome. They give unconditional love. Always. Every single time. And what do they ask in return? That we feed them! Pet them! Take them for a walk! DON’T KILL THEM IN OVERHEAD BINS! And that last one might be the most important!

We can all get angry about what happened on the United flight but the best way to express our rage is to send a few dollars to those who take care of our little friends. They need any help we can provide.

The North Shore Animal League began its work in the New York City area but now serve areas across the country. From their website:

“Thanks to generous supporters like you, North Shore Animal League America has saved more than 1,000,000 animals to date. We save nearly 18,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens annually. Many of these have been the victims of animal abuse and animal cruelty.

Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue the critical hands-on work we do for the animals that come through our doors each day. We rescue animals from overcrowded municipal shelters, save them from puppy mills and natural disasters, and provide them with high quality medical care to rehabilitate them and prepare them for adoption.”

To make a donation, simply CLICK HERE.

In the name of AREENA readers, we’ve donated $100 this week. We hope you’ll give something. Give anything. And know that you’ve made the life of a dog in need a little bit better.

Art Gurwitz
Founder & CEO, AREENA

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