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Email #12: Is Civility Gone? (2/26/16)

“Going, going, gone!” I still remember the voice of Mel Allen, longtime New York Yankees broadcaster, accompanying the crack of a bat and another Yankee home run. But that was a long time ago. Now what’s going, going, gone is civility and courtesy. And quite frankly, it’s generational. Everyone is so preoccupied with looking at their phones…


Email #11: Infrastructural Insanity! (2/19/16)

Infrastructural Insanity. What is that? (I can hear you asking.) It’s what we’re dealing with now. A friend of mine has a 6:25 AM flight out of LaGuardia. He gets to the airport at 5 AM. Hundreds, HUNDREDS of people are backed up at security. He misses his flight. Somehow the airlines are not prepared for the number of people…


Email #10: Clapton, a Castle & the Areenatoring (2/12/16)

Mentor. Webster’s defines it as someone who teaches or gives advice to a less experienced and often younger person. But it’s more than that. Way more. Mentoring means taking who you are – ALL your knowledge and ALL your experience – and sharing it with someone to make their life easier. It’s investing something that is…


Email #8: Why Do We Allow a Flint, Michigan? (1/29/16)

The Wall Street Journal headline was horrifying: Flint’s Water Woes Make Residents Feel like “the Walking Dead”. Is it just me or is this not absolutely crazy? This is the United States. That used to mean something. Something strong. Something good. But something’s not right. And the residents of a large city, a city that once…


Email #7: Namath and New York City (1/22/16)

Still thinking about “New York values” after last week’s discussion and it got me thinking about Joe Willie Namath – the most memorable football player ever in New York City. Flair, charm, talent, tough. Like the city itself. And when it mattered – like in the Super Bowl – he delivered. Didn’t just deliver. Guaranteed it! Everyone thought…


Email #6: A Candidate, A Concert & “New York Values” (1/15/16)

This week Ted Cruz criticized Donald Trump and his “New York values.” It got me thinking. What does this guy know about about New York values? Here’s a story for him. It’s November 2001. I’m at The Garden. Couple of months after 9/11. NYC is recovering. NYC is tough. We don’t stay down. That attack left us deeper, tougher,…


Email #5: Happy Holidays! (12/21/15)

Dear Friends, We know you receive a million emails at the end of the year so we won’t waste more of your time. We just want to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to working with each and every one of you in the new year. Sincerely,…


Email #4: What Happened to Language? (12/11/15)

Whatever happened to language? Apparently proper use has been abandoned! Many of you have reached out to us saying how much you enjoy these emails. We’ve ALSO been asked, “What’s with the Stupid Quotes section?” They are fun. We believe it’s important to include in this weekly email something that makes everybody laugh a bit. We hope you’ll look…



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