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Email #16: The Four Stages of a Man’s Life (3/23/16)

I believe life is played on four stages. The first stage is youth. Joy, promise, hope, endless opportunity. We were ripping down the highway in our ’69 Chevy. Hair blowing in the wind. Rock and roll screaming from the radio. Friends came and went. Every day felt historic. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Kennedy’s death, Armstrong…


Email #15: A Man Who Loves a Penguin (3/18/16)

My daughter recently sent me a link to one of the best love stories I’ve ever read. It didn’t, however, have the traditional structure of guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy finds girl again and they both live happily ever after. This is the story of a guy and a penguin. From an article in Metro UK:…


Email #14: Why I Built Areena (3/11/16)

“If you build it, he will come.” In Field of Dreams, a movie that speaks to guys of every age, Ray Kinsella heard a voice in an Iowa cornfield. “If you build it, he will come,” the voice said. The “build” referred to plowing that cornfield and replacing it with a baseball park. The “he” was the ghost…


Email #13: Automated Culture & the Future (3/4/16)

Call the bank. Call your cable company. Call your airline. Call just about anybody you’re doing business with and what do you get? Automation. Press 1 for this, 2 for that & 3 to stay on hold for the next 90 minutes. That little robot is eating our lunch. When you discuss this with people, they generally regard…


Email #12: Is Civility Gone? (2/26/16)

“Going, going, gone!” I still remember the voice of Mel Allen, longtime New York Yankees broadcaster, accompanying the crack of a bat and another Yankee home run. But that was a long time ago. Now what’s going, going, gone is civility and courtesy. And quite frankly, it’s generational. Everyone is so preoccupied with looking at their phones…


Email #11: Infrastructural Insanity! (2/19/16)

Infrastructural Insanity. What is that? (I can hear you asking.) It’s what we’re dealing with now. A friend of mine has a 6:25 AM flight out of LaGuardia. He gets to the airport at 5 AM. Hundreds, HUNDREDS of people are backed up at security. He misses his flight. Somehow the airlines are not prepared for the number of people…


Email #10: Clapton, a Castle & the Areenatoring (2/12/16)

Mentor. Webster’s defines it as someone who teaches or gives advice to a less experienced and often younger person. But it’s more than that. Way more. Mentoring means taking who you are – ALL your knowledge and ALL your experience – and sharing it with someone to make their life easier. It’s investing something that is…


Email #8: Why Do We Allow a Flint, Michigan? (1/29/16)

The Wall Street Journal headline was horrifying: Flint’s Water Woes Make Residents Feel like “the Walking Dead”. Is it just me or is this not absolutely crazy? This is the United States. That used to mean something. Something strong. Something good. But something’s not right. And the residents of a large city, a city that once…


Email #7: Namath and New York City (1/22/16)

Still thinking about “New York values” after last week’s discussion and it got me thinking about Joe Willie Namath – the most memorable football player ever in New York City. Flair, charm, talent, tough. Like the city itself. And when it mattered – like in the Super Bowl – he delivered. Didn’t just deliver. Guaranteed it! Everyone thought…


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