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Email #37: Why the Future Will Be Just Fine (9/9/16)

You know that I feel things are insane and going in the wrong direction. We have a ridiculous political situation, unbalanced economy, decaying environment, too much hunger, too much poverty…etc. These beliefs are what led to my creation of Areena. I’ve always felt, though, that things will improve dramatically and quickly because the younger generation will…


Email #35: A Man Walks Into a Bar (8/19/16)

The restaurant is called Libertador. I had just finished a great dinner with a friend and saw him to a cab. My options were simple: (1) venture down the street to one of the many faux-Irish pubs that litter New York’s Upper East Side or (2) return to the restaurant’s bar, order a few bottles…


Email #34: Saluting a Company That Gets It (8/12/16)

During a week where Delta Airlines has provided no logical explanation as to why their airline completely shut down for more than a full day and canceled thousands of flights, I thought this the right time to salute a company that gets it. That company is Pret A Manger. Their slogan? Made today. Gone today. They…


Email #33: We Have to Care About Each Other (7/29/16)

“Come on people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Try to love one another Right now.” -The Youngbloods I was getting off the New York City subway a few days ago, which is a real joy to experience during a heat wave. As I reached the staircase leading to the street I hit…


Email #32: The Days of Our Lives (7/22/16)

“Time is on my side” -The Rolling Stones Good song. Wrong message. Here’s some math. How many days do most of us live? Let’s break it down. Excluding leap years, because they’re too much of a pain to deal with, each decade is 3,650 days. By the time you’ve completed two decades, and for most…


Email #31: Areena & Man’s Best Friend (7/15/16)

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” -J.W. StephensMan’s best friend. Three simple words everyone knows. Our dogs are unconditional love. Devoted, loyal, endlessly entertaining. There are 310 million people in the U.S. and it’s estimated there are almost 80 million dogs. That’s more than the combined populations of California, Texas and New York!…


Email #30: Innovation & the End of Libraries (7/8/16)

“I want to be a paperback writer”            -The Beatles Does anyone know what a paperback even is anymore? The digital age has brought about some of the most amazing innovation in the history of the world. Innovation, however, has had an unintended consequence: the death of libraries. Most of us…


Email #29: Family is Hard. (6/24/16)

Clare Ansberry recently wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal entitled “Siblings Matter More as We Grow Older.” It is the story of two sisters, living just outside Pittsburgh. I highly recommend reading the entirety of this wonderful article (you can do so by CLICKING HERE) but here is a passage of particular note:…


Email #28: In Celebration of Mr. Hockey (6/17/16)

Our readers and members know that I write about a wide variety of topics so the fact that I’m choosing sports for the second week in a row is purely coincidental. I am from the Bronx. When I was a kid the sports we played were baseball, because it was easy to find a stick and…


Email #27: Willis Reed & the Need for Great Men (6/10/16)

Willis Reed, the Captain. The greatest New York Knick ever, no question about it. We’re in the middle of the NBA Finals and when I watch great players like Steph Curry or LeBron, I’m reminded of Reed. The Man from Grambling. Drafted behind Marvin “Bad News” Barnes. Willis used to say he had to succeed and played every game like it…


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