The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You.

It’s so easy in these zany times to find something each week to complain about. (If you’re receiving this email, you know that.) All one has to do is look at the current state of our politics and the rage boils over. No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, you must have noticed things are not normal.

A HUD secretary spending $30,000 on a desk?! An education secretary who abhors public education?! An EPA head that flies around on private jets while denying the existence of climate change?! Hey, Scott, take a look out the window. When it’s 60 degrees on Wednesday and 13 degrees on Thursday, something if off.

Morality has totally gone out the window. So has good sense. Nobody takes the high road anymore. All you read and hear about is corruption everywhere. If this is what the swamp looks like when it’s drained, I say fill it back up!!

All these things make it difficult to express what we feel good about – the positive happening in the world around us.

So I’m saying ENOUGH! The purpose of this week’s message is to celebrate life.

Let’s tell each other the good things, the wonderful things in our lives. What is the best thing that ever happened to you? What are the five or ten best things that ever happened to you? Take a few moments and send those stories as a response to this email. And if you don’t want to share them with us, that’s fine. Share them with your family and friends. Get the good vibes out into the air. The air desperately need them.

If we do that, we will find that positivity is the antidote – the ONLY antidote – to cure this sickness in our culture. We can individually and collectively hold onto that. We can build from that.

And we can change our course. We can find the high ground again.

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